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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We had a great Mother's Day on Sunday, except for the weather. Boy was it a nasty weather day. We originally planned to go to Hubers in Indiana but had to change our plans. I got the ferns for the front porch that I've wanted for 4 years. When we first built the house I wanted to hang ferns; I love that southern look. Jamie hated the idea, though, and it never happened. This mother's day I told him that I would settle for some nice flower hanging baskets unless he decided to get me the ferns I've always wanted. Well, low and behold, he got me 2 ferns and I was very happy!! On another note, I want to give God thanks for the wonderful Mom that I have and all of the wonderful moms he's placed in my life. Especially since I've become a mom I have been more thankful for their love, prayer, help, and direction.

On a funnier note, Jesse has been a little mischievous lately. Friday morning I had to get ready for us to go to Shelbyville for the day. Normally I just lock the gate at the top of the stairs and let him run around so I can get my shower. I also leave the spare bathroom door open because there's nothing in there that can hurt him. (See old blog) Anyway, I get out of the shower and go looking around for Jesse but I can't find him. Then I realize that the spare bathroom door is closed. I try to open it and I can't except for a tiny bit. Jesse had closed the door on himself and then he opened the drawer under the sink which meant that I couldn't get the door open. I try to reason with a one year old to close the drawer to no avail and when I talk to him he doesn't respond. I then to use a hanger to try and close the drawer through the tiny crack in the drawer but that won't work. I look under the door to see him sitting on the floor and I notice that he has scissors. Of course, I have thoughts of cut hair or an accidental stabbing of himself. I then call Jamie hoping he has a brilliant idea but he just says to "try a screwdriver". I throw my robe on and run down to the garage, get a screwdriver only to find that it won't fit through the tiny space in the door. I realize that I'm starting to panic so I just sit on the floor in front of the door and talk to God. I said "Lord, I don't know what to do to get him out, but I know that you do. Please either make him shut that drawer or show me what to use to get it closed so I can open the door." Then I think (God's work) to go into our water heater closet and see what I can find. I found two putty knives so I tried the metal one first and it worked! Praise God for getting Jesse out of that bathroom. At least we can laugh about it now!

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