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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mad TV

Ok, let me start by saying that I'm a little addicted to TV. These are strictly my opinions and some of you may not agree. And yes, I know that there are way more important things in life than TV shows.

So, My sister texted me tonight to tell me that one of our fav shows, Men In Trees, has been cancelled. I then verified that it, in fact, was true. ABC kept moving the day and time and would put other new shows in its place for weeks at a time so it's no wonder. I am also tired of all of these ridiculous "reality" shows that have taken over the networks (Sorry to my friends who watch them). The only reality shows I watch are on TLC. That's enough reality for me. I'm even getting tired of American Idol. I only like to watch the first half of the season now.

On a happier note I am looking forward to the game show Password. I'm not much into game shows but this one looks like fun. I guess the moral of my story is that I watch way too much TV.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

AMEN Sister!!! :)