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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's new

Ok, this blog is going to be a synopsis of what's been going on in the McEldowney household for the past week.

First of all, this past weekend we got a snow storm here in Louisville. We had about 8-10 inches, which is good for KY. Jamie had to go out and shovel the driveway. He also helped our neighbor shovel his. He's such a nice guy!

The other night Jamie was getting ready to put something together for me and Jesse wanted to help. The problem is that Jesse's help means crawling on top of the box so Daddy can't do anything. Oh well! Jamie can't wait until he's old enough to help him do manly things!
Last but not least, I busted Jesse yesterday. I was on the computer upstairs and he was playing quietly. I got up to check on him and looked around the corner to find that he had pulled all of his clean clothes out of the laundry basket. He was having so much fun! Needless to say, I folded all of those clothes later that day and put them away.

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