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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jesse's 1st Steps!!!

Hey! We were so excited last night at about 6 pm Jesse took his first few steps!! Yea!! We were so excited and I was happy that Jamie was home to see it. He did it again this morning. He can only take about 2 steps before he falls down but we are so excited about those 2 steps. We called his Nana and Papaw and they were very excited to. His Auntie Lauren, who we have decided to now call LoLo, was also very happy to hear the good news. Our precious little boy is growing up so fast and we are loving every minute!

On another note, we are happy that LoLo, Uncle Danny & Cassidy now have their own blog. For those of you who know them or have heard me talk about them please check out their link.


Kiert said...

WOW! How exciting :) Congrats, little Jesse. Can you come over and work on Talia?

nana72353 said...

Way to go Jesse!!!! You are so cute even when you are making a mess! Your Mommy used to do that with the bathroom trash can. I love you!