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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still not walking!

Well, Jesse is now 13 months old but he still isn't walking. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though. He's definitely close, at least I think so. We've caught him a few times standing on his own for a few seconds over the last couple of days. His new favorite thing to do is to hold on to momma's fingers and walk around the house. He gets upset if I won't do it. I know, we are biased, but we think that he's just the cutest little boy that ever was. I look at him every day in amazement. Since turning 1 he's had his first peanut butter & jelly sandwich and, as you can see from his picture, he thoroughly enjoyed it! He loves bath time and enjoys playing with all of his great bath toys. He loves the water and we are thinking of getting swimming lessons before the summer. The other night he fell asleep while drinking his bed time bottle. He looked so peaceful laying next to daddy!
We cannot wait until we get some warmer weather. The other day was about 70 degrees but it was just a tease. We were so happy to get outside in the sunshine. Jesse especially loves the outdoors. We took him for a walk in his new buggy that we got him for his birthday. I should have taken a picture but I didn't think about it. Oh well! Maybe next time.

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lauren said...

I love the bath picture!!! I thing he IS the cutest little boy ever!!! Thanks for sharing these moments...it makes my day brighter!!! Love you all, Auntie LoLo (lol!)