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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothing much!

Well, not much new is going on here in the McEldowney household. Let's see, what can I tell you? Jesse is fast and furious; he's into everything. He's also a great hugger. Sometimes, though, I think he's working us to get things like food. That kid loves to eat! He's a very sweet kid. I think that he will grow up to be a very caring young man.

The weather has turned colder the last 2 days, so we haven't had much outside time. I think it will warm up in a few days. We are looking at new vehicles, in particular crossover vehicles. Jamie's Blazer has been on the fritz lately and we will probably have to do something soon. I hate the whole process of buying a car but am excited about the possiblity of driving something with more room.

We're also planning a trip to Texas in June to visit some of our best friends, the Dukes. We have missed them since they left us and can't wait to visit. Well, I guess we had more going on than I thought. Until next time...

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