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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July

We had a good 4th with our friends the Rodriquez family. We had originally planned to go downtown to the waterfront festival but the rain made us decide to stay at our house. We played cards (Nertz) instead. What else would we do? At least we took a few pics of the kids in their patriotic outfits. When our neighbors started setting off their expensive fireworks that night we stepped outside to view the live show. And best of all - it was free! The next night we went to the Smith's house to watch their fireworks.

I am also including a cute pic of Jesse in his first Mickey Mouse ear hat that Jamie's sister and family sent when he was a baby. He looks so cute!

1 comment:

The Peterson family said...

Hey McEldowney crew!!! We are so excited to see you in blog land. I can't believe Jesse can be that big!!
lot of love to you-